“I want to inspire you to connect to your gifts, strengths, passions, desires and super exciting dreams that you have yet to uncover, explore or see fulfilled.

Jo always finds goodness. She is like sunshine bringing light where there was darkness. Jo is such a good listener and gave little ‘snippits’ of sunshine and inspiration when I needed it. She is very good at sensing and knowing the little push that I personally needed to move forward. I truly enjoyed working with Jo and plan to use her again as my coach in the very near future.
— Andrea
Jo is an amazing coach! Her ability to listen and connect were evident right from the first session I had with her, She has a gift to encourage and energize with sincere powerful acknowledgements. I always felt very comfortable and encouraged in exploring beliefs and areas of my life with Jo and had several profound breakthroughs working with her, that have moved me further to where I want to be. Jo brings with her an incredible gift to celebrate and find the positive in any situation and has a sincere desire to see her clients excel and shine at their fullest. Coaching with Jo is an investment worth far more than what is paid.
— Richard
Jo is a treasure seeker bringing out the best in people. She helped me gain the confidence to make decisions and create a life that suited my values. Jo challenged me in every session and helped me take steps I never knew I was able to.
— Jennifer
Jo is a life changer. I went into coaching not really knowing what would happen. Jo was very understanding and on the first session dialled in on what I needed to move forward. I was able to see another side to how I saw my life and how I came at what I wanted. It is her natural gift that gives her an extreme talent as a life coach.
— Michael
Jo is a great listener, caring and wise. She helped me find myself. The answers to my scary questions were buried inside me and Jo helped me dig through the worry and fear and get to my truth and values. She encouraged me and celebrated me. After having my coaching experience with Jo I feel more confident about my life and my decisions, because she helped me realize it is ‘my life’ and ‘my decisions’, a very empowering realization!
— An
I am proud of myself for starting and finishing the wholeness challenge. What kept me on track was the honesty of the group who shared their own struggles. It helped me realize that I wasn’t a failure. Shifting from a negative place to a positive one has seen me finish this challenge strong and I am so encouraged when I see the changes in the mirror! This has been a really amazing thing for my confidence to complete and to feel successful in my nutrition and commitment!
— Louisa
Jo is enthusiastically powerful. She really cares about seeing change come to a persons life. Jo communicates in a positive and practical way that empowers people to take ownership. I discovered from my time with Jo that valuing myself is the beginning to overcoming walls in my job and fear with people-pleasing. I was not taking responsibility for my powerless actions. I was able to recognise these areas and day by day worked to overcome them.
— Mathew
Jo is a bright light. Working with Jo was such a wonderful experience. She is enthusiastic, inspiring and genuine. She is a fantastic listener, and is very strong in her coaching abilities. After my sessions with her, I felt I could see more clearly where I wanted to be in my life and saw the steps I needed to take to begin.
— Michelle