“I want to inspire you to design your own source of continual refreshment and invigoration, your manifesto of encouragement.” 

my manifesto [of encouragement]

I love designing manifestos. These carefully chosen and hand written words inspire me. They validate who I am and excite me to explore something more. They edify, honour and bless me.  

I am able to keep reading and experiencing these randomly placed and unordered sentences over and over again. I am constantly prompted to speak them out loud. The more I hear them the more I believe them. They affirm. This manifesto may stay the same or has room to evolve as my today turns into my tomorrow.

Your manifesto is waiting to happen. A snapshot of your unique creative flavours is waiting to be declared. 

A life coaching conversation starts with a “hello.”

I want to be your cheer leader. Are you ready? LET’S CHAT!