group sessions 

WHOLENESS CHALLENGE GROUPS | 21 days | monthly | online | LET’S CHAT

Wholeness challenge groups are for you who have a specific health, fitness or nutrition goal you want to achieve and need group support, motivation and accountability to move into it. Occurring each month and lasting 21 days, the groups are fun, focussed and practical.

* Connection to what ‘healthier way’ goal you truly want.
* Exclusive access to a private online group.
* Daily group wholeness coaching and tips.
* Meal planning ideas.
* Fitness inspiration.
* Bursts of encouraging support to keep you moving to where you want to be.
* Tools to help you stay focussed on your goal.
* Accountability prompts during the 21 days to inspire and motivate you to keep going.
* PRIZE, a chance to win a free one-on-one individual inspiring LIFE BOOST coaching session.
* Access to a private online group for continued support after the 21 days.

LIFE DESIGN GROUPS | group, team or community coaching | LET’S CHAT

Life design groups are for you who want to inspire your tribe to love the life they live with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, even more than they currently do. Designed with you, these groups are individually flavoured packages that are transformative and purposeful.

* Connection, discovery and awakening to those wants that inspire.
* Clarity of your tribe's unique flavours of amazingness including strengths, values and purpose.
* Space for designing action.
* Truths and affirmations that spark personal manifestos of encouragement.
* Bursts of encouraging support to keep your tribe moving.
* Change of perspective for those challenging underlying beliefs and areas.
* Tools to help your tribe stay focussed on a goal.